Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Evenings

Monday was the perfect spring evening. D. and I took an hour long walk down by the river, and then I cooked up a new recipe for dinner while listening to a French Cafe radio station on Pandora. We had some wine with our food and enjoyed having the balcony door and bedroom windows open. All in all, a great end to a beautiful day.

Normally, this quote I found on this blog here fits my perspective on Spring perfectly:

"I do not love spring. I love what it represents, to be sure. I love the new buds forming, the light scented air, the possibility of warmer days and nights, daylight savings time...But generally spring is windy and tricks you into thinking it's warm because the sun is out, but really it's cold. And I find the whole season just slightly irritating."

When I read this yesterday, I had to laugh out loud because finally someone has expressed exactly how I feel about Spring. Except yesterday didn't really fit into Spring. It was definitely a Summer day. 80 degrees. Sunny. HOT. But I got to wear a dress to work and not freeze, so not complaining. Even if it was much to hot to sleep last night. Ah, well.... :)

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