I’m S. Elizabeth.

I grew up in rural Ohio, where my mother cooked homemade meals almost every single night, and I spent much time with my nose buried in a book. I also attended college in not as rural Ohio, where I studied Creative Writing, before migrating to Pennsylvania on a Christian Outreach program. It was while I was participating in this program that I met my now-husband, for which I’m very thankful, because he is wonderful for me! I still like to spend a lot of time with my nose buried in a book, and I firmly believe in cooking homemade meals for supper almost every night.

I started this blog as a motivation to myself to begin to work on some aspects that I wanted to incorporate more into my life. I didn’t just want to be a WannaBe anymore! Click here to see my first blog post with my WannaBe list. I have definitely found that I’m more motivated to pursue projects or ideas with the thought that I can blog about them and share my (hopefully!) successes with others. Of course, I originally had to blame the start of this blog on my friend, as he had suggested that I should start one. But I’ve been thankful that he planted the seed in my head, because I’m having so much fun developing it.

This blog primarily contains posts on food and household projects with a few self-interest pieces thrown in. My inspiration usually comes from my mom, events in life, and, of course, the wonderful idea central, Pinterest. I endeavor to give credit where credit is due and to share things that I find fun. Enjoy checking out the WannaBe Chronicles!