Friday, March 1, 2013

Meet Lucy

I mentioned in my first blog post of the year that we were thinking of adding to our family....well, we've finally done it! We've officially become cat people with our very first pet :)

Meet Lucy. Middle name Rae (cause why shouldn't a pet have a middle name haha). She's a cuddler and quite feisty, and we're very excited to have her! She's settling in nicely for her first evening here, and she's already started to curiously nose into places she shouldn't be; she is, after all, a cat.


  1. Your blog is so pretty. I'm attempting to make mine cute in it's own way but I must not have enough meetings with tech support.

    1. Hahaha thanks! It's undergone a few transformations since I first started.....honestly, I've figured out the most either by messing around or googling what I've seen on someone else's blog lol :) I'd love to provide "tech support" if you're ever interested!