Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY--Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Like a lot of other people, I seem to have a fascination with mason jars. In fact, I like them so much, I used them in different sizes as vases for my wedding. 

In addition to this, though, I love all the different types of projects one can do with them. I’ve taken to pinning my favorite ideas to Pinterest for future use.

One of the ideas I came across but didn’t actually pin was for a Mason Jar Soap Dispenser. We had been leaving our large dish soap container on the counter because we didn’t have a nicer looking container to put the soap in, so when I initially came across this idea, I thought it was a great idea and hopefully a simple enough project to put together.

I searched several different websites while looking for a good (and easy!) way to make a mason jar soap dispenser. Some were definitely too complicated, but I finally found directions that were doable! It took me a month or so, but I finally gathered my supplies and took a half hour to make my new soap dispenser. Success! I LOVE the way it looks. Happy days!

To make your own:

Gather a medium sized mason jar (found at your local craft store or grocery store), a pump from an empty soap bottle, a hammer, a nail, and craft glue.

With the lid on the mason jar, place the nail in the center of the lid. Hammer until a hole breaks through the center. Continue to hammer the nail into the lid around the center, widening the hole until the soap pump fits into the lid.

Place the soap pump into the lid. Carefully lift the pump slightly and apply glue to secure pump to lid. Allow the glue to dry overnight. Add soap, and Voila! Your very own mason jar soap dispenser!

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